FEMA awards $156M to One-Person Firm

MariaFor all of you that’ve ever applied for government contracts (and we have) you’ll love this story. FEMA awarded a contract to a one-woman company to deliver 30 million meals to Puerto Rico on the heals of the deadly hurricane. She was only able to deliver 50K meals.

It turns out the woman’s company wasn’t even in the meal delivering business, she was using subcontractors to deliver all the meals. To FEMA’s credit, they did fire her when they learned she couldn’t fulfill her contract.

FEMA said they just picked the lowest bidder. Maybe they haven’t learned this yet, but when choosing someone to fulfill a contract, you normally never choose the lowest or the highest bidder, somewhere in between is a great rule-of-thumb. You’re welcome FEMA.

  • Remember, emergency preparedness and resiliency are the keys to your family’s safety in a natural/manmade disaster. Be self-reliant.