Mother’s Day Sale 20% Off

Amazon price $19.95 BUT…call (541) 210-6094 or email until Sunday, May 13th to receive a 20% discount. We need your Mom’s mailing address, but we also need your phone #, email, and please specify either USPS or FedEx for shipping costs. Check or credit card accepted. We’ll also include a special note to your MOM, because we Love Mom’s Too!

GSKMothersDaySaleYou can’t predict tomorrow, but you can predict how happy your Mother will be to get her own Go Stay Kit. Each KIT is complete with all the preparedness info she needs to get ready for whatever is coming. From hurricanes to tornadoes, from wildfires to floods, your Mother will be ready for any kind of natural disaster that nature can throw at her.

In a natural disaster or medical emergency, the Go Stay Kit contains—all in one place—vital personal data, preparedness activities, and copies of important documents needed for medical professionals to diagnose and treat her.

SPECIAL NOTE: What is the measure of Love? It’s taking care of those closest to you. (Your name here) sent you this Kit that’ll make all the difference in a natural disaster or medical emergency. (He/She/They) deeply care for you and want you to be prepared, just in case.