End of Fiscal Year!

Indy and Fam Kit

Consider the Go Stay Kit® for your Community. The Kit is a cost-effective and proven way to prepare for a natural/manmade disaster event. Many government agencies have used grant monies to order these Emergency Preparedness Kits. For a list of our government partners, click here. 

The Individual Go Stay Kit® provides a way to store your medical and other needed information, in case you must leave your home quickly, or shelter-in-place.

Our NEW Family Go Stay Kit® is similar to our Individual Kit, but it’s geared for (5) family members instead of just one person.
If interested in ordering either the Individual or Family Go Stay Kit®, here’s what you should know.
  • For BULK ORDERS of 25 or more, please call (541) 210-6094
  • Email orders to connect@gostaykit.org
  • To order an Individual or Family Go Stay Kit® for yourself, family or friends, click-on Order
We’re a public/private partnership, 20% of our earnings go to help those in need.
  • You can combine smaller orders with others agencies – to raise quantity and lower price
  • Both Kits are made of waterproof paper
  • Both Kits can be customized with your agency’s logo & slogan
  • Window stickers and refrigerator magnets included
Each Kit comes with vinyl pouches to hold personal/medical info, emergency supply checklists, personalized wristbands to help identify residents and their belongings, Red Cross shelter intake forms, your pet’s information, and door tags to alert first responders that you’re OK or need HELP.
“Remember: When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.” –Steven Cyros