What is a 72-hour kit?

clockAmerican is a big place; something is always happening to somebody, somewhere.

FEMA says you should have provisions enough to last 72 hours (3 days) in case of a natural or manmade disaster. The reason is… that’s how long they predict it will take emergency responders to arrive at your location in a full-blown catastrophe. Admittedly, this is only an estimate depending on the severity of the disaster. They could arrive there in one day, or one week; it all depends.

So the 72-hour Kit should be seen as a starting point. If you gather together provisions, you will increase you and your loved ones’ survivability tenfold, which are okay odds. It’s a million times better than doing nothing and “hoping for the best.”

The reason that “hoping” is not a good action plan is that it’s solely dependent on other people. Emergency responders will have their hands full with lots of other people before they arrive at your location. Namely, the critically injured, law breakers, and people stuck in traffic jams, just to name a few. So here is something to get you started thinking in the correct direction.

You should have those provisions stored in your house in a “Go-Bag.” Meaning, you can use it as extra disaster supplies at your house, or it comes in real handy if you have to leave your home. And, don’t forget about babies, the elderly, pets, or any family member with special needs.