Napa Fire Evacuations

Napa 1Many people where given just a few moments to leave their homes in the middle of the night. One women says she just grabbed her daughter and ran out with emergency responders. Unfortunately, since this women was not prepared she didn’t have her daughter’s medicine, or knew the name of what her daughter was taking.

Along with their house burning, she also lost their cat. Had she prepared, she could have saved her cat, and had a complete list of her daughter’s medications.

Yes, it’s that close sometimes. As with the Napa fires many houses and business burned to the ground. So it’s not just somebody’s house out in the middle of the forest. Fire, earthquake, and flood can happen right in the middle of a big city, you are not safe.

You have to be prepared. The government is not going to help you prepare, the only thing you can count on them for (hopefully) is to warn you in time to leave. You have to shoulder the responsibility of having your stuff in a Go-Kit ready to leave, at a moments notice. It’s not that difficult, it just takes a little time and planning, that’ll save your life and the lives of your family.