Look Inside: Individual

Welcome to the GO|STAY|KIT® searchIndividual Edition.

Don’t be caught short in a catastrophe (of any kind). What if the electricity goes out? You need a cost effective, yet functional way of preparing for a natural disaster or medical emergency, that’s why we created the GO|STAY|KIT®.

The Kit contains—in plastic pouches—vital personal data and copies of important papers needed by emergency responders and shelter intake workers, in case of a natural disaster or medical emergency. It gives caregivers and medical professionals on-the-spot access to vital information that will help guide treatment.

The GO|STAY|KIT® is made from waterproof paper, and comes with emergency supply checklists (what to have in your “Go or Stay Kit”), personalized wristbands to help identify you and your belongings, Red Cross shelter intake forms, your pet’s information, and door tags to alert rescue workers that you are OK or need HELP.


As Easy as 1, 2, 3…
1 – Complete each page of the GO|STAY|KIT®
2 – Keep your GO|STAY|KIT® handy
3 – In the event of a natural disaster or medical emergency, caregivers and medical professionals will use the information contained in your GO|STAY|KIT®