Will your pet be rescued?

comment_addWhen a natural or manmade disaster strikes (where you live) and you have to leave your home, take your dogs and cats with you! However… be aware that in FEMA’s eyes, some animals or pets (to be more precise) are more rescue-worthy than others. Let me explain.

In order for emergency responders to get reimbursed from FEMA for rescuing your “pets” from a natural or manmade disaster, you actually have to have what’s classified as a “pet.” Otherwise, they’ll probably not help to rescue your animal because they will not get money back from the U.S. government for doing so.

According to FEMA, a ‘pet’ is a dog, cat, bird, rodent, or turtle. An animal that is traditionally kept in the home for the enjoyment of its owner. This is a pretty short list… at least we thought so.

What IS NOT a ‘pet’ is a reptile, amphibian, fish, insects (spiders), all farm animals (including horses), and racing-type animals.

So, a word to the wise… just know that if a natural catastrophe happens and emergency responders decide NOT to rescue your pet reptile or fish or horse, you’ll know the reason why.