HELP/OK: Door Tag

helpXThe Family GO|STAY|KIT® removeable door tag states that you are either OK; or as it shows—on the reverse side—that you need HELP.


In the event of a natural disaster or medical emergency, detach the Family GO|STAY|KIT® door tag and place it on your front door knob, or you can put it in a window that’s in a conspicuous location.

Any place on your residence that’s in full view of the street. The door tag will help relief workers and emergency responders determine your status.okayX

The Family GO|STAY|KIT® adheres to strict quality control review for its design, printing, and assembly. The Kit is always being revised and updated, so new information and changes can be integrated into it’s pages. Having a personal/medical information storage and retrieval system like the Family GO|STAY|KIT® on-hand during a natural disaster or medical emergency, will allow those in need of assistance to better cope with the situation that surrounds them. It will also provide emergency responders on-the-spot access to medical information that will help guide treatment.