TAB 8: Shelter or Medical Care Point Use ONLY

Tab8NavTab8XThe following pages are for Shelter or Medical Care Point use only. Please DO NOT take them out of your Family GO|STAY|KIT® or fill them out yourself.


The Family GO|STAY|KIT® pages in this section are inserted for use by health care professionals only.

These NCR forms will be used by intake personnel who will be assisting you, if your family is moved into an emergency shelter facility. The forms are provided by the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The team of emergency preparedness specialists who created the GO|STAY|KIT® believes it will become the standard tool to help those with access and functional needs, to better prepare for a natural disaster or medical emergency. Others who have already purchased the Kit for their communities include individuals, families, seniors, businesses, governments and private agencies. Police departments, religious organizations, CERT, hospitals, RVers, convalescent-care and retirement facilities, tribal councils, and neighborhood watch groups have also joined our community.