TAB 7: Your I.D. Bands

Tab7NavThis page of the GO|STAY|KIT® contains five (5) personalized I.D. bands. Use these in the event of an emergency to help identify you and your belongings.


This section of the GO|STAY|KIT® contains removable wristbands, that have the same barcode as your Kit.

Wearing your Kits wristband will ensure that you are linked to your medical information inside the GO|STAY|KIT®

Duplicate wristbands can also be attached to your personal items, such as luggage, your pet’s collar, and medical equipment.


The GO|STAY|KIT’s cover can be personalized with your name, address and phone number. During a natural disaster or medical emergency, your GO|STAY|KIT’s medical information could also be entered into a computer or other electronic device by shelter intake workers.