What are the top 20 provisions?

homeThere are 20 things here, get as many as you can. YOU will feel a sense of empowerment after you have gathered these items together.

  1. A 3-day supply of non-perishable food (dried fruit, canned food, cereal bars, peanut butter, etc.)
  2. Bottled water, at least a gallon a day, per person.
  3. A GO|STAY|KIT® to keep copies of important family documents, names of family medicines, insurance policies, bank info, I.D. etc.
  4. A crank (non-electric) can opener.
  5. A first aid kit.
  6. Family prescriptions and glasses.
  7. Sleeping bags or blankets for everyone.
  8. A change of clothes for at least 3 days, including sturdy shoes.
  9. Matches in a waterproof container,
  10. Pen and paper for leaving notes.
  11. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, handi-wipes, and feminine hygiene supplies.
  12. Battery, or hand-cranked radio, and extra batteries.
  13. Flashlight with extra batteries.
  14. Cellphone with a solar charger, car charger, and plug-in AC charger.
  15. A whistle.
  16. Local maps.
  17. Your pet and its pet supplies.
  18. If you have a baby, then you need to think about the baby’s necessary supplies, and possibly a stuffed animal.
  19. If you have children, then you need to think about games and activities for them.
  20. Paper plates, paper cups, utensils, paper towels, and garbage bags.

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