TAB 3: Family Medicines

Tab3NavTab3XFThe Family GO|STAY|KIT® contains space for you to fill-in all of your current prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter medications.


There are ten (10) white pages in the Family GO|STAY|KIT® for you to list all your family’s current medications. There is also a large, plastic pouch that can hold the current prescription printouts from your pharmacist and a place to list your family’s allergies.

We have found that in a medical emergency or natural disaster, health care workers need to be aware of your entire history with certain drugs, so that proper medical treatment can be given.

Early in the design process, it was determined that the Family GO|STAY|KIT® must be a high quality product. It needed to withstand the rigors of a natural or manmade disaster, so that the vital information contained within, would not be easily lost or destroyed.