TAB 1: Instructions & Photo(s)

Tab1NavTab1XFIn a natural disaster, take the Family GO|STAY|KIT® with you if you are instructed to leave your home, or use the handy reference information if you are instructed to shelter-in-place.


The first page of the waterproof Family GO|STAY|KIT® begins with directions on how to use the Kit, and add the necessary personal and medical information.

There is a plastic pouch that can store a photograph of your family and/or your pets. Additionally, there are spaces to write the names and phone numbers of your primary and secondary contacts and children, as well as the number and types of your pets.

Inside the plastic pouch you’ll find a business-card sized refrigerator magnet used to alert rescue workers as to the location of the Family GO|STAY|KIT® within your home. These magnets are erasable (dry erase) or permanent (Sharpie™) depending on the pen used. Additionally, you’ll receive a sticky-faced window decals used to alert rescue workers and caregivers that there is a Family GO|STAY|KIT® inside your home.