27,000 People Evacuated in LA Fire

LA fireIt might be Dec. and the rainy season but that didn’t stop a fast moving wildfire from burning thousands of acres in the city of Ventura today. 27,000 people had to leave their homes quickly and run for their lives.¬†Statistics show it WILL happen to you someday, maybe not a fire but something will.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. In a natural disaster like this (of which there are increasingly many) it would be a nice thing to have a GO STAY KIT with you as you scramble to leave your house in the middle of a firestorm.

This way, when you and your family arrive at the emergency shelter, you have all your personal/medical info with you in case you need to show it to a shelter intake-worker or a medical provider. Or just to have it for your own personal use.