Jump into Spring Prepared

1. Get an action plan in place, discuss it with family and friends
2. The Go Stay Kit is an important tool for organizing your plan
3. Our Kit will also help you make a “Go” & “Stay” bag with disaster supplies

10th Anniversary Sale!

Order Family and or Spanish-Individual Kits for the SALE PRICE of $12.95 each (min. 25 Kits.) PLUS: Every order over 100 Kits (mix & match) gets you FREE shipping. This Anniversary Sale expires July 10th. Sale doesn’t apply to English-Individual Kits, and sorry no customization. We’re a private-public partnership.

The Go Stay Kit provides your community, family, and friends with a way to prepare for a natural or human-caused disaster. It stores personal/medical info in case they must leave their homes quickly, or shelter-in-place. The Kit also has plastic pouches for papers needed by shelter intake workers. This allows them on-the-spot access to vital data that’ll help guide treatment.

  • You can combine orders with others
  • Made with waterproof paper
  • Window stickers and refrigerator magnets included

The Go Stay Kit also comes with emergency supply checklists to help you prepare, personalized wristbands to identify shelter residents and their belongings, Red Cross shelter intake forms, your pet’s information, and door tags to alert emergency responders that you’re OK or need HELP.