A Resource for Your Most Vulnerable Consumers


During this time of COVID-19—or in preparation for any disaster– the Go Stay Kit guides people as they think through the essential information and items they should have on hand in order to stay safely at home or to evacuate if necessary.

The Go Stay Kit walks the individual through the basic steps of preparedness. It provides handy pockets for indispensable paperwork and pictorial lists of key personal items and supplies related to their care needs that they should have on hand.

Every vulnerable individual who lives independently would benefit from using the Go Stay Kit to prepare for emergencies of any kind.

Place your bulk order today. Start distributing these Kits to your community.

  • To order 25 or more, Individual, Family or Spanish, call (541) 210-6094 or email orders to connect@gostaykit.org
  • Order a single copy of a Go Stay Kit for yourself, family or friends, with PayPal on www.gostaykit.org or Amazon.